Shipping Policy


Shipping Orders

Payment of freight charges is always the responsibility of the buyer. The buyer bears the cost of the shipment, owns the goods in transit and is responsible for filing any damage claims also known as FOB origin and Freight Collect. We do not offer a free shipping program.

If you have an account with FedEx or a carrier, we can bill them. Please provide that information with application.

247 Distribution will not be responsible for damage, defect, material difference, or loss that occurs to goods after they’re delivered to you. You should refuse goods that arrive damaged and instruct freight forwarders to do the same, any goods lost after being recevied by you or the freight forwarder will be your responsibility.

Refunds and Claims

Any customer with cancelled order will bare the cost of returning shipping. Claims must be made within 24 hours of arrival and must include photos.

Order Fees
We will access a 20% restocking fee to orders if it has exceeded 24 hours since order confirmation and acceptance by both parties.

Shipping to Amazon
You are responsible for providing the proper FNSKUs and Shipping Labels if you are shipping directly to Amazon. It has to ship to o only one address and it can only have one FBA shipment number. If deemed necessary, Prep fees do apply and rates and materials will be discussed with you prior to the final confirmation of your order.

Rates are as follows and subject to change:
– Single Prep Items – $1.15
– Bundle Prep Items – $2.10
– Fragile Items – $1.00 for bubble wrap

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